Supplier Portal

Customizable solution for large retailers

The Supplier portal automates and simplifies the retailer interaction with the Supplier community. Removing costly and inefficient manual processes is paramount in today’s highly competitive retail environment.

The Supplier portal is a complete customizable cloud-based SaaS solution to interface to the supplier community from a retailer.

It is an agile extension of the retailer ERP system and able to keep pace with the constant business changes required without costly and often “less than timely” ERP IT Department changes.

It is important to note that we complement the ERP solution which is always viewed as the primary data source. A key benefit for the retailer is that just one interface to the Endoxa Supplier portal is required whereas the Supplier portal itself can offer a myriad of interfaces to the supplier community depending on the size and IT sophistication of the supplier, ranging from a Web service interaction to a pdf download from the portal.

High-level overview

User Management

  • Supplier Registration workflow
  • Roles
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Password Policy
  • OAuth2.0, SSO, AD, LDAP

Transactional Workflow

  • Orders, Invoices, Packaging List, Goods Receipts/Return Notes
  • Credit Advices, Statements, Remittances, On-site invoicing
  • Integration to supplier accounting systems

Integrated Workflow

  • Master Data Management for Supplier/Buyer
  • Article De-list
  • New Article Listing (via GS1 Web service)
  • Cost Price Management and Audit
  • Promotions with buying and selling prices
  • Promotion budget, forecast and margins
  • Catalogue creation and management
  • Supplier Contracts Management

Sales and Inventory

  • Sales Overview
  • Sales Per Day Per Store Per Article
  • Site Days Cover
  • Store Open Order Analysis
  • Order Day / Delivery Day
  • Strike Rate Analysis

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Single entry point for all Supplier functions and data exchange
  • Multi protocol/formats
  • Total Resilience
  • Azure, AWS, TransIP, etc.
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Incident Recovery


  • Content management and publication
  • Support Desk
  • News
  • Advertisements/videos
  • Role Mail Broadcast


  • For Suppliers, Buyers and Admin Users
  • Configuration Management
  • Automatic Monitoring
  • Reconciliation engine
  • KPIs

Get Started with the Supplier Portal

We have a lot of experience in getting companies started with Retail Automation and we will help you every step of the way. It is important to start with a manageable first step and then to build on the success without massive up-front investment.

Step 1. Supplier Registration

A self-service Supplier Registration is key to rolling out to a large number of Suppliers.

All fields including telephone numbers and email addresses are validated to ensure accuracy of information.

And it is not just about registration, periodically a pop-up is presented to the user asking for verification of key information to make sure the information on hand does not get obsolete.

Also if users have not logged in for a specific amount of time they can be optionally deleted to make sure that users who have left the company do not maintain their logins.

Step 2. Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM is a technology-enabled business discipline in which business and IT organizations work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the organization's official, shared master data assets.

For a Supplier portal to work properly, it is essential for your company to have an accurate data interaction with your suppliers. Endoxa provides the tools to facilitate this interchange.

  • The Supplier Portal can be used to update your article master data
  • A Master Data Alignment (MDA) is a check that is performed periodically, to confirm that each Suppliers system is correctly ‘synced’ with the Supplier Portal
  • It ensures the information displayed is up-to-date as well as consistent, which is vital for smooth supply chain operation
  • This maintenance also ensures:
    • Accuracy
    • No time delay
    • Reduced claims
    • Improved strike rate
    • Improved process of receiving (back door)
    • Debit and credit adjustments will be minimise / reduced

View Article Master Data report

This report is useful to see what data Your Company is holding for the Supplier (order unit barcode, pack size and order unit of measure) to check for alignment.

Change Article Master Data

In Excel, a Supplier can detail all the changes that are required, then save the spreadsheet with the changes and upload the Excel spreadsheet for the Master data team’s attention.

Step 3. Data interaction with your suppliers

We help you to get started quickly and reap the benefits of an automated supplier interaction. Whether it be:

  • EDI documents
  • Article Maintenance
  • Promotions Management
  • Article Take on

We have a solution we can bring in to your custom supplier portal. If it is a specific requirement or integration we can also develop that at our portal development centre.

So a landing suppler portal page could be something like:

The Home page after the log in as a supplier.

EDI documents, Orders. Suppliers will be able to obtain their orders in a variety of ways depending on their size and IT sophistication.

We have a broad range of functionality to suit your business, so Support & Contact to discuss your requirements.

MVC technology

The solution is based on the latest GS1 document set to make sure that industry standard messaging is adhered to.

Technically, the Supplier portal is a Microsoft-centric solution using the latest MVC technology and is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis to ensure the platform smoothly evolves and caters for your growing needs.

We host for you in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and apply the strictest security regime so you can concentrate on your business activities without concern.

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