The Endoxa philosophy is centred around workflow and process optimization and of course workflow can come in many forms. We automate processes to relieve staff from repetitive non value-adding tasks to make your company more profitable and competitive.

Unlimited capacity

EndoxaFlow® will be the perfect solution for your business.
Amongst Our Clients, Endoxa processes transactions worth billions of Rands on a monthly basis.
Regardless of the size of your company, EndoxaFlow® has the ability to generate reports that can be routed directly to the accountable personnel for action and tracked (eliminating any unnecessary duplications and ensuring appropriate protocols are followed) and is equally suited to small, medium and large company environments.

Value Add vs Non-Value Add

Before we embark on any development, we perform a process analysis (using the BPMN methodology) and analyse the before and after image of the process both in terms of headcount (FTE) costs and value (variable and fixed costs e.g. transportation, paper handling, postage etc).

If we can prove there is a valid return on investment (ROI) we will propose an optimum solution for you.

Workflow Examples

There are so many workflow examples that can be effectively automated:

  • Travel Expenses

  • Contractor Costings and Invoicing

  • OnBoarding for new company hires

  • IT Systems request

  • Purchase Order approval including budget analysis

  • New Product Listing

We have templates and solutions for these both for the PC and mobile devices. Please contact us to discuss your requirements:


With more than 7000 active users, EndoxaFlow® creatives effective communication between thousands of registered vendors

+ 2450

+ 7000

+ 4500
Vendor accounts