• Support

    All too often you submit a support request only to get an auto-responder by email to say “Thank you” and essentially “No thank you” with no idea when an issue will be resolved. Support really is an issue when you want it.

    We like to think we are different. Due to our work ethic coupled with our office locations around the world we are able to offer true 24X7 support for critical issues.

    Lower priority issues are also handled in a timely fashion with an actual person following up! Weekends are no different to normal days to us when it comes to critical support as we know important business never stops.

  • SaaS Basis

    Our solutions are provided on a SaaS basis (software as a service).

    That means we just don’t develop a solution and then this is “Cast in Concrete” owing to the difficulty and cost in upgrading.

    Our solutions are constantly evolving and we provide ongoing enhancements in consultation with you to meet your ever evolving requirements.

  • Enjoyable to Work with

    We believe that work should be enjoyable as we spend a large part of our lives engaged in this activity.

    In many of our installations, Endoxa is viewed as extension of the customer’s organization and we are involved very deeply in the business strategy and with promoting new ideas.

  • Latest Technologies

    We always aim to use the latest ideas and technologies to make sure your solution does not become obsolete over time.

    This works very well with our SaaS approach and ensures your investment in the solution is not lost.