Pick n Pay


Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa



Customer profile

Pick n Pay is a retail business in the fast moving consumer goods industry on the African continent – that believes doing good, is good business.

It was 1967 when consumer champion Raymond Ackerman purchased the first four Pick n Pay stores in Cape Town. Since then the Group’s vision has grown and expanded to encompass stores in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe and has an annual turnover exceeding U$ 6bn with 1,685 store locations and 52,000 employees.


Pick n Pay tackled the low adoption rate of electronic trade in South Africa with the help of Endoxa. During the past ten years Pick n Pay have rolled out B2B e-commerce and collaborative workflow to over 2,500 suppliers throughout Africa. By using EndoxaFlow Pick n Pay is able to provide a B2B e-commerce platform that greatly assists their smaller suppliers which don’t require special software to trade and collaborate with Pick n Pay.

Business challenge

“Pick n Pay is committed to small business development in the manufacturing and retail sector – particularly by black – and women-owned businesses. A diverse supplier base is vital in ensuring we have the right range of products and pipeline of innovation to meet customer needs”. Pondoland Maize is one such supplier, Founder and CEO, Mr Phil Makabane, an industrial engineer, quit his corporate job when he spotted an unserved market segment for culturally traditional maize products in the sub-continent. Pick n Pay recognized that they needed to help Pondoland Maize and many businesses like them by making it easy to do business with. However, any solution had to be cost effective and intuitive to use, EndoxaFlow met that criteria.

Challenge Resolved

EndoxaFlow enabled small suppliers to reconcile their orders and invoices online and enter their invoices directly onto the Pick n Pay Supplier Portal. Phil now enters his own invoice and doesn’t incur the cost of a service provider to translate it into an EDI message. Submitting invoices electronically removes the potential for mistakes in rekeying data during manual processes. Similarly, Phil maintains his own master data at Pick n Pay online, ensuring all Pondoland Maize’ data is aligned 100% with that of Pick n Pay eliminating unnecessary errors occasioned by data misalignment.

Business benefits

Larger and more established suppliers send and receive EDI documents and other transactions from Pick n Pay via an EndoxaFlow web service. This has automated key supply chain processes reducing time at the ‘back door’ and improved operations.