Cash and carry

Customer profile

Makro operates 17 self-service wholesale stores across the Netherlands that include 60,000 food and non-food products. Since 1 January 1998, Makro has been part of the German listed METRO Group, an internationally oriented trade and services group. METRO Cash & Carry (a division of METRO Group) has more than 700 Makro and METRO branches in 29 countries. Approximately 4,000 employees work in the Netherlands, 300 of whom work at the head office in Amsterdam.

Business challenge

Makro required a workflow solution that would speed up their collaborative processes within the supply chain. Frequently, the prices of fresh produce and seafood can change daily owing to the vagaries of supply. Makro required a workflow solution that would enable the supply chain to react instantaneously to shifting supply and demand.

Solution & Business benefits

The Makro business customer is extremely knowledgeable and requires Makro to be keenly aware of the competitive pressures that they face.
Powered by EndoxaFlow Makro suppliers now log onto the Makro Supplier Portal where they are able to react to changing market conditions and sudden swings in demand and consumer sentiment.
Similarly, Makro prides itself on having the best fresh produce available so when a seasonal product is no longer available the supplier can initiate a workflow temporarily discontinuing a product. This enables Makro to either source the product from another supplier or replace the product with an alternative. Collaborative processes that previously took days or even weeks are now completed in minutes. Category managers who spent an inordinate amount of their time completing manual processes and associated paperwork now spend their time serving customers with the right product, at the right time, at the right place, which is Makro after all.