We asked an eminent philosopher (Professor Knoll) to summarize our corporate philosophy. This is his analysis:

The Greek term “Endoxa” is related to the term “doxa”, which means “opinion”. Endoxa are opinions that are respected or probable. The term is in particular used by Aristotle in his Topics, in which he discusses dialectical demonstrations that are based on endoxa. As a company, Endoxa Limited combines the respected opinions and experiences of a group of software experts. These opinions serve as a point of departure to jointly analyze problems and needs and to propose the best software solutions for them.

So indeed our company embodies the Greek concept of “Endoxa” symbolizing in our case a coming together of excellent minds and technology to produce something that is better than the individual can offer.

Our background

Our core team began working together in the early 1980s and in fact developed one of the first commercial process modelers called KAISHA Modeler Pro which enjoyed considerable success internationally.

Our background is diverse with roots in Japan, Europe, South Africa and India and this is where our key support and development centres are. Indeed, we have transposed the well-known efficiencies of Japanese manufacturing into our key management processes as well as offering the support levels customary and demanded in Japan.

From Europe we have incorporated our software engineering and design skills together with technical support. From South Africa we have key sales and support structures, whilst India provides us with further key application support.

Our methodology

Our methodology is a blend of the most advanced technology and the timeless requirements of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We implemented consultancy projects in business process re-engineering (BPR) and value engineering before deciding to develop our own software to address the requirements of this market.

Re-engineering business processes is a continuous task and our Software as a Service model is a reflection of this commitment.