Endoxa has developed a user-friendly Expense Application and online Expense Portal for companies to integrate with their accounting system.

The Application will enable the supplier to submit expenses electronically and automatically into their accounting system in real-time from their portable device such as smart phone or laptop. Therefore, speeding up the expense cycle for the user allowing for payments to be actioned faster and giving peace of mind to the working environment.

The online portal is designed for your desktop and office use and linked from every device on the same account or company profile.

EndoxaExpense can be downloaded off the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Apps (IOS) free of charge.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.endoxa.endoxaexpense
IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ro/app/endoxaexpense/id1439590034?mt=8

  • Receipts go directly to EndoxaExpense

    Say goodbye to paper receipts and never miss an expense again, EndoxaExpense automatically imports your receipts so you don't have to worry about tracking them down later.

  • Automatic, real-time expense reporting

    Whenever EndoxaExpense imports a submitted expense, the data is mapped onto an expense report for automatic submission and reimbursement, eliminating the waiting period for manual approvals.

  • Receipt Scanning

    Take a picture of your receipt with your phone and provide details of the claim, EndoxaExpense automatically submits an expense alert for the manager to approve.

  • Reimbursement

    Once the expense is approved, accounts receives a notification to import your electronic expense sheet into the account system, payment is then allocated to the employee and paid via direct EFT deposit.

  • Automatic Approval Workflows, Company Profile and Users

    Company Profile: A single organisation is linked to the same company profile for all users to access.

    User/Employee: Submit expense via user profile and receive notification on approval or rejected expense by manager.

    Manager: Expenses are reviewed and approved by an allocated manager and can customise expense policy rules for their company.

    Accountant: Once the expense is approved, the accountant will import the electronic expense report into the account system for payment.

  • Automatic Accounting Sync

    For any changes made to your expense claim, an automated import process is implemented to update your company’s accounting system. Constant visibility and alignment to your company’s finances ensures audits and tax submission is a smoother process.

  • Integration Systems

    SAP, Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, AccPac, Syspro, SageOne